Will the iPhone 6 be Waterproof when Submerged Underwater?

You may be one of many iPhone users who expect iPhone 6 to be waterproof. However, will the iPhone 6 be waterproof without being protected by any case?

Will the New iPhone 6 be Waterproof?

Will the iPhone 6 be Waterproof

Will the iPhone 6 go waterproof? This might be a question that you ask because you have no idea about the new release by Apple yet. It is always safer to say that the smartphone is not waterproof and you need an iPhone 6 case to make it waterproof after purchasing the phone. If you want, you can even purchase a case that won’t only be waterproof but also shockproof since it is mentioned a lot by many iPhone 6 users that this phone can break more easily when dropped, unlike the iPhone 5. It is alright to dip this phone quickly in water, but if submerged for longer, you need the case to make it stay dry.

Favorite Cases for Your iPhone 6

Will the latest iPhone 6 be waterproof for the next time?” Unfortunately, it is not. Although, the unboxing and review might show you how water-resistant the phone might be, never put your new phone into the risk because you never know what will happen when liquids attack your phone. To prevent any damage when the phone might be dropped in puddles, get spilled by drinks or dunked in the toilet, you need some high quality cases to consider purchasing.

lifeproof fre iphone 6

LifeProof Fre is the top case for iPhone that you better rely on because the Fre is designed with the touchscreen cover that will resist any scratches aside from being waterproof; besides, this case is also easy to use and must suit your style. Another case coming from LifeProof is Nuud but it won’t be as okay as Fre since the touchscreen cannot be covered while for the Touch ID, there is only a thin membrane used to protect. Will the iPhone 6 be waterproof? You need the right case to make your iPhone 6 waterproof and even shockproof.